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Application of polyacrylamide in detergent
DATE: Dec 23rd, 2019
Everyone knows that polyacrylamide is an auxiliary and has been widely used in many industries. It is mainly used as a sewage treatment agent in industrial production, can be used as an additive in feed processing, and can be used as a flooding agent in oil extraction. Role, in the geological survey can play a role in lubricating the drill bit waterproof wall. Polyacrylamide is also used in the production of detergents. What role does it play in the production of detergents?

Polyacrylamide has the function of thickening . Adding this product in the production of detergents has excellent properties. It can change the hydrodynamic properties of detergents, can increase the viscosity of the detergent system, and maintain the system. The uniform and stable suspension state or opacification state makes the product have excellent fluidity and stability, which is conducive to the preservation and transportation of the product. In the past, there were many inorganic salts used as thickeners. The effect was not ideal. Salts also have a certain thickening property, but they are generally unstable. The product will delaminate after standing for a period of time, and the stability is generally not strong. The absence of polyacrylamide has advantages.
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