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Henan Tongjiuda
Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
is a production and sales enterprise dedicated to the treatment and purification of industrial sewage and domestic sewage. Our company is located in Henan Province, China's Central Plains region, which is the origin of gunpowder, paper making technology and compass, 40 kilometers away from the world-famous Chinese Kung Fu Songshan Shaolin Temple, west of the ancient capital of Luoyang City, and east of China's transportation hub Zhengzhou, next to Xinzheng International Airport. It is also the hometown of Du Fu, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty in China.
Our products are widely used in treatment of industrial sewage such as oil drilling, printing, dyeing, paper making, leather, chemical, steel manufacturing, breeding, mining, sand making etc and purification of drinking water.
Oil Drilling
Paper Making
Steel Manufacturing
Drinking Water
Our products are sold all over the country and exported to the foreign market.
Based on the core values of customer first, continuous innovation, people-oriented, keep improving, Tongjiuda fully utilizes the advantages of technology, production and market resources, and continuously promotes industrial upgrading, product innovation and business model transformation.
For small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problem of sewage discharge.
With the global freshwater resources reduction and pollution increasing, our company has launched integrated sewage treatment equipment, gravity-free recoil devices and integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment, air flotation equipment , precipitation equipment and pressure filtration equipment
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